The world’s fastest heating lunchbox

The unique, patent-pending multi-sided heating technology ensures an efficient and even heating process. It heats up any meal within a couple of minutes.

electric heating lunch box
electric heating lunch box
electric heating lunch box
electric heating lunch box

Adding value to your lifestyle

HeatsBox promotes healthy and affordable eating, as it provides you the ultimate flexibility of eating your home cooked meals anywhere and anytime. Forget about cold sandwiches, fast food and expensive lunches and enjoy a hot and healthy meal with HeatsBox.

electric heating lunch box
electric heating lunch box
electric heating lunch box
electric heating lunch box

Flexible heating options

The combined use of top and bottom heat allows you to reheat and cook delicious meals or toast a crispy sandwich. The healthy and even heating process provides a fresh taste and retains full nutritional value of your food.


3 easy steps for nutritious home-made meals on the go

Use any power source

Just plug in your HeatsBox. You can use a power bank, any power outlet or even a 12V socket as found in cars. These multiple options give you ultimate flexibility in choosing time and place of your meal consumption.

Connect & Start

Place the inner dish in your HeatsBox, connect with the app, choose your favorite heating program and set the temperature to make the best out of your meal.

Make it crispy & enjoy

HeatsBox heats up any meal within 15 minutes. Cook, reheat or toast your food to your desire. Enjoy your delicious meal.

electric heating lunch box


  1. Bluetooth connection
  2. Customized heating options
  3. Guided cooking functions
  4. Set timer & temperature
  5. In-app store
  6. Recipes
electric heating lunch box

Disruptive heating technology

Faitron’s patent-pending multi-sided heating technology makes HeatsBox the most efficient and portable solution for flexible food consumption. With its game-changing technology, HeatsBox is revolutionizing the mobile food industry.

Efficient patent-pending heating technology 
electric heating lunch box

Food container

The high-quality, reusable inner dish makes transport and storage easy, whereas optional compartment containers give you the opportunity to separate your foods. The aluminum inner dish and its leakproof lid keep your food safe.

Technical Specifications


Heatsbox can be customized

Material: PP, Aluminum, Silicone
Food Safety: Food grade materials
Technology: Multi-sided heating
Power: 85 W
Voltage: 12 – 240 V
Max. Temp: 75°C / 167°F
Ext. Dimensions: 228 x 163 x 70 mm
Net Weight : 550 g / 1.21 lb
Food Container

The food container can be customized

Material: Aluminum (food grade)
Lid: LDPE (food grade)
Volume: 800 ml / 27 oz
Net Weight: 83 g / 0.18 lb
Ext. Dimensions: 204 x 147 x 43 mm
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe


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